Employee Engagement
& Microsoft Viva

Navigating the Employee Experience with an Outcome-based Route to Success

The Employee Experience

Today’s employee cares as much about the experience as they do about the work. From the technology to the benefits, the Employee Experience has been thrust into the spotlight. Microsoft Viva brings the Employee Experience industry to where your business works.

Viva Roles & Responsibilities

Microsoft Viva is tied into where your employees work, ensuring the most connected Employee Experience platform. Information Technologists must work with people and communications teams in order to ensure Microsoft Viva is successful in enhancing your Employee Experience.

Lines of the Viva Underground

The Viva Underground uses an outcome-based approach to Microsoft Viva, ensuring your Information Technology teams focus their resources on the priorities of your business, bringing you results that matter.

Technology enables our people, but requires an understanding of their desired outcomes to truly affect change.

Joy Apple, MVP

Viva Underground


Jay Leask, PMP

Viva Underground


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